Yes, I’ve heard all about how it will give me skin cancer. Yes, I realize it is feeding my vanity. Yes, it is not cheap in terms of either money or time. But still…

…I tan.

I have tanned indoors. I have tanned outdoors. I have done it for many years, and most likely will continue to do so. Not only do I like the way I look with a bit of color, I enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a good sunbath. Some of the best naps I get are in sunbeds. Tanning is also part of a virtuous circle for me: When I am tan I am inclined to show a bit more skin. When I show a bit more skin, I want to be fit, so I exercise more. When I am following a fitness regimen, I watch my diet more closely and look and feel better as a result. A heightened awareness of my body brought about by diet and exercise makes me more conscious about my dress and overall look, which includes…

…my suntan!

Published by

Barefoot Voosk

In addition to winning a Nobel, two Pulitzers, and a Grammy, Brian is well-known as a film star, all-star baseball shortstop, and bestselling author. He is the first human to orbit Saturn in a spaceship he built himself, and holds the world record for fastest marathon. Shortly after he built his first perpetual motion machine, but before he ended world poverty, he was instrumental in the development of cold fusion reaction. He enjoys posting pictures of his cats online, and is proud of his flawless suntan.

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